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Watch Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 EV perform a crab walk

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Best Samsung Galaxy Tab deals for January 2023

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Best Samsung deals for January 2023

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Reserve the Samsung Galaxy S23 now and get up to $100 credit

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Virgin Orbit’s Satellite Launch From Britain Fails

An “anomaly” prevented a rocket from reaching orbit after its release from a jumbo jet, Virgin Orbit said.

Where the Bison Could Roam

Bison once numbered in the tens of millions in the United States. Now, a nonprofit is working to restore the shortgrass prairie, where the American icons and their ecosystem can thrive again.

AI Is Becoming More Conversant. But Will It Get More Honest?

At a new website called Character.AI, you can chat with a reasonable facsimile of almost anyone, live or dead, real or (especially) imagined.

AI Is Becoming More Conversant. But Will It Get More Honest?

At a new website called Character.AI, you can chat with a reasonable facsimile of almost anyone, live or dead, real or (especially) imagined.

U.S.D.A. Approves First Vaccine for Honeybees

Dalan Animal Health’s vaccine for American foulbrood, an aggressive bacterial disease, is the first for any insect in the United States.

Restoration of the Ozone Layer Is Back on Track, Scientists Say

Rogue emissions from China of ozone-depleting chemicals had threatened to delay recovery by a decade. But the emissions were stopped, according to a U.N.-backed report.

Brazil Riot and Jan. 6 Attack Followed a Similar Digital Playbook, Experts Say

Researchers are studying how the internet was used to stoke anger and to organize far-right groups ahead of the Brazilian riots.

Biden Administration Moves to Tighten Limits on Deadly Air Pollution

A new rule would, for the first time in a decade, reduce emissions of soot that disproportionately harm communities of color.

Sync Your Calendar With the Solar System

Never miss an eclipse, a meteor shower, a rocket launch or any other astronomical and space event that’s out of this world.

Global Warming May Make You Miss These Parasites When They’re Gone

Warming temperatures in one part of the world seem to have driven down the parasite population, suggesting another unexpected way that climate change harms ecosystems.

Asian Researchers Face Disparity With Key U.S. Science Funding Source

White researchers fared best in winning grants from the National Science Foundation, a study says. Asians encounter the highest rate of rejections, challenging an academic stereotype.

A.I. Turns Its Artistry to Creating New Human Proteins

Inspired by digital art generators like DALL-E, biologists are building artificial intelligences that can fight cancer, flu and Covid.

A.I. Turns Its Artistry to Creating New Human Proteins

Inspired by digital art generators like DALL-E, biologists are building artificial intelligences that can fight cancer, flu and Covid.

Facebook’s Bridge to Nowhere

The tech giant had already remade the virtual world. For a brief period, it also tried to make it easier for people in the Bay Area to get to work. Then it gave up.

‘Consciousness’ in Robots Was Once Taboo. Now It’s the Last Word.

The pursuit of artificial awareness may be humankind’s next moonshot. But it comes with a host of difficult questions.

‘Consciousness’ in Robots Was Once Taboo. Now It’s the Last Word.

The pursuit of artificial awareness may be humankind’s next moonshot. But it comes with a host of difficult questions.

Willard Gaylin, a Pioneer in Bioethics, Is Dead at 97

A psychiatrist, he started the Hastings Center with Daniel Callahan, a leading Roman Catholic thinker, to explore the moral issues arising from medical advances.

A New Area of A.I. Booms, Even Amid the Tech Gloom

An investment frenzy over “generative artificial intelligence” has gripped Silicon Valley, as tools that generate text, images and sounds in response to short prompts seize the imagination.

Animal Sedative Mixed With Fentanyl Brings Fresh Horror to US Drug Zones

A veterinary tranquilizer called xylazine is infiltrating street drugs, deepening addiction, baffling law enforcement and causing wounds so severe that some result in amputation.

Joseph Torg, Doctor Who Fought to Lessen Football Injuries, Dies at 88

Concerned about spinal-cord damage caused by headfirst strikes with helmets, he became a vocal proponent of rules changes.

The Hottest Gen Z Gadget Is a 20-Year-Old Digital Camera

Young people are opting for point-and-shoots and blurry photos.

Health Experts Warily Eye XBB.1.5, the Latest Omicron Subvariant

A young version of the coronavirus makes up one-quarter of Covid cases across the United States and over 70 percent of new cases in the Northeast.

‘Alexa, Why Do We Keep Buying You?’

With questions swirling about the utility of voice assistants, we asked readers how they use one of the most popular, Amazon’s Alexa. Here’s what they answered.

How a Nuclear Dump in Taiwan Created a Generation of Activists

For members of a Taiwanese tribe, a waste site on their island serves as a painful reminder of the government’s broken promises, and a symbol of their long struggle for greater autonomy.

Biden Moves to End Doughnut Lures and Other Bear Hunting Tactics in Alaska

A new rule proposed by the administration would also bar hunters from invading wolf dens to kill pups.

What Are Your Tech Resolutions for 2023?

The Times wants to know how you plan to use technology differently this year.

FDA Approves, Leqembi, New Treatment for Early Alzheimer’s

The drug, Leqembi, may modestly slow cognitive decline in early stages of the disease but carries some safety risks. Still, data suggests it is more promising than the small number of other available treatments.

Ken Balcomb, 82, Dies; Revealed the Hidden World of Killer Whales

His annual orca survey helped transform the animals’ image from soulless predators to compassionate creatures worth protecting.

California Storms Test State’s Approach to Controlling Weather

As global warming brings more intense rainfall, experts say the state needs to give rivers more room to flood safely. But the obstacles are enormous.

Southwest’s Meltdown Could Cost It Up to $825 Million

The airline has not said how soon it will upgrade the systems that contributed to mass flight cancellations, or how much that will cost.

TikTok Spied on Journalists and ChatGPT is Challenging Google

TikTok skeptics now have a smoking gun.

Tesla Sales in China Slump as Competition Intensifies

Worry about the carmaker’s sales in the world’s largest car market is one reason the shares have plunged.

Damar Hamlin’s Neurological Recovery Reaches a ‘Turning Point’

The Buffalo Bills safety was on a good path for neurological recovery but might still face injuries to other organs, including his lungs.

CVS and Walgreens Plan to Offer Abortion Pills Where Abortion Is Legal

The two chains said they would begin the certification process under a new F.D.A. regulation that will allow retail pharmacies to dispense the prescription pills for the first time.

Mercedes-Benz Plans to Build U.S. Electric Car Charging Network

The network could help increase the low number of charging stations, encouraging more people to buy electric vehicles.

New York Attorney General Sues Founder of Collapsed Crypto Bank

Letitia James accused the founder of Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky, of a scheme to defraud hundreds of thousands of investors.

Ford Sales Dipped in 2022, but Electric Vehicle Deliveries Surged

The company’s production was limited by a global chip shortage, but it made big gains in the fastest-growing segment of the auto market.

A Breach at LastPass Has Password Lessons for Us All

The hacking of the password manager should make us reassess whether to trust companies to store our sensitive data in the cloud.

E.U. Urges Nations to Require Negative Covid Tests for Travelers From China

In a diplomatically fraught move, the bloc advised its 27 members to put restrictions in place as Chinese tourists prepare to return to global destinations.

Supply Problems Hurt Auto Sales in 2022. Now Demand Is Weakening.

A global semiconductor shortage is easing, which could allow carmakers to lift production this year. But higher interest rates could keep sales low.

Walter Cunningham, Who Helped Pave the Way to the Moon, Dies at 90

In 1968 he was a member of the first manned Apollo mission, which buoyed an America shocked by a fatal capsule fire the previous year.

Salesforce to Lay Off 10 Percent of Staff and Cut Office Space

The software company plans to cut around 8,000 jobs as business slows for tech companies. “We hired too many people leading into this economic downturn,” Salesforce’s chief executive said.

The Cheetahs Made a Kill. Then the Safari Trucks Swarmed In.

A video showing dozens of vehicles moving in on a pair of big cats in a Kenyan game reserve highlights how “aggressive tourism” can put endangered animals at even greater risk.

Some European Nations See Warmest Start to the Year Ever Measured

Countries across the continent saw the warmest start to the year ever measured. The weather has forced ski resorts to close trails, with sparser than usual snow cover.

Meta Fined $414 Million After Ad Practices Ruled Illegal Under EU Law

The decision is one of the most consequential issued under the E.U.’s landmark data-protection law and creates a new business headwind for the social media giant.

How Climate Change Is Shaping California’s Winter Storms

So far, the downpours are largely in line with past storms, an official said. But their quick pace is testing the limits of the state’s infrastructure.

‘The Unheard Symphony of the Planet’

Using a tiny device called a Raspberry Shake, people around the world are tuning in to the earth’s vibrations.

Abortion Pills Can Now Be Offered at Retail Pharmacies, F.D.A. Says

Mifepristone, the first of two drugs in medication abortions, previously had to be dispensed only by clinics, doctors or a few mail-order pharmacies. Now, if local drugstores or chains like CVS agree to certain rules, they can provide it.

Video Game Workers Get a Union Foothold at Microsoft

The outcome, involving about 300 employees, is one of organized labor’s biggest victories at a major U.S. tech company.

Sam Bankman-Fried Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud and Other Charges

The founder of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, who was released on a $250 million bond, returned to New York to appear in court on Tuesday.

Twitter to Relax Ban on Political Ads

Elon Musk’s social media service said it would begin to permit cause-based advertising to “facilitate public conversation around important topics.”

Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest: What We Know and Don’t Know

Cardiac doctors say that blows to the chest causing an erratic heart rhythm are highly unusual, but not unheard-of in sports.

Social Media Use Is Linked to Brain Changes in Teens, Research Finds

Teens who frequently checked social media showed an increasing sensitivity to peer feedback, although the cause of the changes was not clear.

Social Media Use Is Linked to Brain Changes in Teens, Research Finds

Teens who frequently checked social media showed an increasing sensitivity to peer feedback, although the cause of the changes was not clear.

A New Puzzle Turns Earth Into a Rubik’s Cube, but More Complex

Continental Drift is one of Henry Segerman’s latest efforts to make mathematics “real.”

Two months after mass Twitter layoffs, affected employees still waiting for severance offers

Two months after Elon Musk laid off half of Twitter's workforce, some employees affected say they have yet to receive any formal severance offer or separation agreement.

Sony and Honda reveal their new car brand

Sony and Honda, which announced a joint venture last year to develop and build electric cars, have revealed the name of their new car brand. It will be called Afeela.

Silicon Valley layoffs go from bad to worse

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy confirmed rumors that layoffs had begun in multiple departments at the e-commerce giant and said it would review staffing needs into the new year.

Seattle public schools sue social media companies for allegedly harming students' mental health

Seattle's public school system on Friday filed a lawsuit against several Big Tech companies alleging their platforms have a negative impact on students' mental health and claiming that has impeded the ability of its schools "to fulfill its educational mission."

Samsung estimates quarterly profit sank to 8-year low on demand slump

Samsung Electronics flagged on Friday its quarterly profit tumbled to an eight-year low as a weakening global economy hammered memory chip prices and curbed demand for electronic devices.

Salesforce to cut about 10% of staff

Salesforce said Wednesday that it will cut approximately 10% of its workforce and reduce its real estate footprint, making it the latest tech company to slash expenses as broader economic uncertainty continues to hit Silicon Valley particularly hard.

New York City public schools ban access to AI tool that could help students cheat

New York City public schools will ban students and teachers from using ChatGPT, a powerful new AI chatbot tool, on the district's networks and devices, an official confirmed to CNN on Thursday.

LinkedIn is having a moment thanks to a wave of layoffs

In a normal year at this time, a typical LinkedIn feed might be full of posts about year-end reflections on leadership and professional goals and suggested lifehacks for the year ahead — possibly with a few posts from CMOs offering tips on brand strategy, for good measure.

Jack Ma's Alibaba, China tech giants are making a comeback post zero Covid

Chinese tech giants are witnessing a dream start to the year.

Inventor of the world wide web wants us to reclaim our data from tech giants

The internet has come a long way since Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web in 1989. Now, with his startup Inrupt, he believes it's time for us to reclaim our personal data.

How McCarthy's unprecedented leadership battle is a reflection of Fox News and right-wing media

It's Tucker Carlson versus Sean Hannity in the Republican Party.

Hackers post email addresses linked to 200 million Twitter accounts, security researchers say

Email addresses linked to more than 200 million Twitter profiles are currently circulating on underground hacker forums, security experts say. The apparent data leak could expose the real-life identities of anonymous Twitter users and make it easier for criminals to hijack Twitter accounts, the experts warned, or even victims' accounts on other websites.

From color-changing cars to self-driving strollers, here's some of the coolest tech from CES 2023

A long list of companies once again showed off an assortment of cutting edge technology and oddball gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

Former Twitter employees get severance offer after months of waiting. Many are unhappy with it

After months of uncertainty and feeling left in the dark, many former Twitter employees impacted by a mass layoff in early November began receiving their severance offers over the weekend. But some are frustrated by the offer and the conditions attached to it.

Delta Air Lines is rolling out free Wi-Fi

Delta Air Lines is rolling out free Wi-Fi to most of its planes beginning February 1.

Deere gives farmers long-sought ability to repair their own tractors

US farmers will have the right to repair tractors and other agricultural equipment from John Deere without having to use the manufacturer's own parts and facilities, under an agreement the company signed Sunday with farm industry representatives.

Apple is raising the price of iPhone battery replacements

Apple is raising the price of battery replacements for all out-of-warranty iPhone models prior to the current iPhone 14 lineup, the company confirmed on its website.

Amazon CEO says job cuts will continue into 2023

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said job cuts at the e-commerce giant would continue into early next year, in his first public remarks since the company began widespread layoffs earlier this week.

A $3,300 self-driving stroller is at this year's CES. Are parents ready?

Hang onto your baby bonnets: Self-driving technology is coming to strollers.

The smart stroller developed by Canadian startup Gluxkind was named as an Innovation Awards Honoree at the 2023 CES show.